Jordan Smith is not a wedding videographer anymore. This is not a wedding video. Well, it is, but..

Matt and Angela ( )tracked me down last year right when I had decided to remove myself from wedding videos and somehow convinced me to make one more. Matt is a director at Tractorbeam, a very successful ad agency, and Angela is an art director turned photographer. They are very creative to say the least. When they told me I could basically do whatever I want and that their wedding was in Marfa, I couldn't exactly say no. Matt has this way of talking people into jumping off the cliff with him. It's like it is his job.

There was something ironic about getting a client like these two right as I was backing out of weddings. The chance to start over but also to end a season. So this wedding is my ender, but also something else. No more Jordan Smith wedding videos. I am very excited to say that. I hope that this can be the start of something new.


Creativity, packaged and repeated, doesn't feel like creativity. So I am done with that. At the end of the day I am a creative person who makes a living doing videos and photography. Am I proud of my work? It varies. 

I am very proud of this piece. What I did was break down my typical wedding video into concepts. Then built different styles of shorter video around those subjects. The whole collection of smaller videos is what makes the entirety of this "wedding video". It has been a very up and down process but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. To think all of this was created within a weekend is amazing. 


I am not taking all of the credit here. I had a great team who worked hard on this with me. Ryan Polly and Dan Routh, and of course Stephanie. Also big thanks to Matt and Angela for giving me the opportunity to get weird and take the time I needed. 


If it seems like I am over the top about this I am sorry. It is just something important to me in a time where I struggle to find creative freedom and balance an income. I'm proud of my work and I am looking forward to all of the different ways people like or dislike this film.

So to anyone who has read this far or who cares. This is my calling card. I hope you see a wedding video unlike anything you have ever seen before. I hope you don't see a wedding video. I hope you see potential. I am looking for more people who want to make something bigger.