Lauren Christner // Motherhood

Meet Lauren and she is a stay at home mama to her 7 month old son, Stiles Vaughan. 

What does the role of "mother" mean to you?

The role 'mother' to me is the most important job I could ever have. You are in charge of raising, training, teaching and shaping a little persons mind and heart. It is a high calling. It can seem a little overwhelming at times but above all it is extremely rewarding.

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

The best advice I have received when it comes to motherhood would be to listen to what your mommy instinct is telling you. It is easy to compare yourself or your child to someone else but everyone is so different and only you know what will work for you and your little one. It is something I have to remind myself of often and it is powerful knowing that 'mother knows best' is really true.

How do you like to spend days with your little one?

 Since my son was born in November and hasnt been the most newborn friendly weather since he was born, we mostly spend our days cuddled up at home. My son loves it when I sing to him so we spend a lot of time doing that and listening to music. When the weather is nice we go for walks around our neighborhood and if we are really going stir crazy we will find a reason to run errands or go visit his Chickie and CeCe (the grandmas)! 

What do you find most important in your role as a mother?

The role I find most important in being a mother is raising my son up to love Jesus and to know Him. If he doesn't remember anything else I ever teach him, I pray that he will always remember how much his heavenly father deeply loves him.

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