Elise Welker // Motherhood

Meet Elise. She has a daughter, Madeleine, who is 2, and a son who was born just a few weeks ago. She is primarily stays at home with her daughter, but she also does some bookkeeping and administrative work on the side for the company she worked for before she gave birth to Madeleine.

What does the role of "motherhood" mean to you?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read a blog about how motherhood is not a hobby, it's a calling.  As I watch my daughter grow and develop each day; as I seek to care for her, guide her, and raise her up, I have found that statement to be true.  Motherhood consists of the constant pouring out of yourself for another.  It is one of the most difficult, but most joy-filled roles I have ever and will ever have in my life.     

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

A friend of mine gave this advice to me: "You can never be the perfect mother, and even if you were, your children would respond sinfully to your perfection".

To me there is so much freedom in this statement. As one who so often yearns to reach perfection on my own, being reminded that my children aren't perfect and I'm not perfect humbles me. It also takes the pressure off to be the perfect mom.  I cannot ever truly represent perfection to them.

How do you like to spend days with your little one?

We read a lot of books together; we play with friends; we take walks and go to the park... Madeleine loves helping me do anything, but she especially loves being involved when I'm cooking or baking, so I usually try to find ways for her to help me in the kitchen and teach her about what we're doing in the process.  I love seeing her figure things out and hearing her speak as she learns and connects new words.

What do you find most important in your role as a mother?

What I need most as a mother is to remember the grace of God through Jesus Christ in the little moments of the day. If I wake up on a particular day believing in and relying on myself, things are bound to go badly. I was made as one who worships.  If I worship myself I cannot possibly pour myself out for others. Only out of the abundance of grace that God has given me through Christ can I truly pour myself out for my children and husband.  The most important thing in my role as a mother is to seek the Lord because it's by his grace alone that I can truly live out my calling as a mother.

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