Crystal Hethcote // Motherhood

Meet Crystal Hethcote. She is a stay at home mom and runs a small online shop consisting of hand-drawn paper goods. She has 4 boys, Hank (5) Mack (4) Townes (2) and Oakes (newborn).

-side note- when I took these pictures Oakes had not made his entrance into the world. Hopefully I'll get to take pictures of that cute face someday! 

What does the role of "motherhood" mean to you?

I look at being a mother as an opportunity to bring up these people in the best atmosphere, experiences, and love I can give them. I get to help shape their childhood to in turn affect not only them but the people around them too.

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

I have received some amazing and helpful advice from some very wise women, but i think my favorite (especially as a stressed-out, first-time mom) was just to simply do what I know best for my baby and me. Once you hit mom world, the opinions are strong and the judgement is harsh, but we are given this instinct to know our child and there is definitely something to that.

How does you like to spend days with your little ones?

Legos, books, blocks, crafts and 'guys' are definitely a part of our everyday life. but, on warmer days we prefer to be outside exploring and adventuring. 

What does you find most important in your role as a mother?

Lumping my ideal goals together, because this is a toughy: to love them well, being sensitive to their individual needs; to instill a love for God and all people in them; to have enough character, wisdom and love that it will be passed down to them because its's what they know.

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