Nichole Peringer // Motherhood

Meet Nichole. She is a Music Minister at an Anglican Church in Flower Mound part time and a Wife and mamma - full time. She has one daughter, Dottie (Dorothy Jean) who just turned one.

What does the role of "mother" mean to you?

I believe to be a mother is to nurture. I think of it much like gardening. To provide for your children an environment where they can grow more and more into the person the Lord created them to be. I want for Dottie to flourish not just to be; to be my daughter’s biggest fan, a reflection of Jesus, a pointer towards the truth. I want her to know that she is deeply loved and deeply worthy of love.

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

To trust your instincts- There are so many voices and opinions but ultimately you are that babies’ mama and you know what they need.

How do you like to spend days with our little one?

I like to go on walks with Dottie. Read to Her. Watch her learn and absorb everything. Rock her to sleep and kiss and snuggle her constantly. She is such a joy.

What do you find most important in your role as a mother?

I want my Dottie to see how much I love Jesus. I want her to see it and feel it so strongly so that one day she would desire that relationship for herself. Pursuing the Lord in front of my baby girl- praying, reading His word, loving my husband, my friends and family and spending time worshiping Him - is what I value more than anything else.

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