Amanda Jameson // Motherhood

Meet Amanda. She is a stay at home mom and wedding photographer. She has one precious lil girl who is now 8 months old. (she was so tiny when we took these photos)

What does the role of "mother" mean to you?

Wow, what a question! It has really changed with each month. Most recently, the Lord is showing me an even bigger picture of His gospel through being Maggie's mom. It's so easy to step into selfish territory but the Lord says laying down our lives for Him and for others is for our good and brings JOY. He's showing me what it looks like to be intentional and completely present with her which I'm so thankful for because these months are FLYING by.

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

Listen to your own baby. Every baby truly is their own little person. What works for someone else may not work for you. Its so easy to look at others and think... why won't my baby do that!? What am I doing wrong? But stopping (stopping all the Google searches) and really paying attention to your own baby is the best thing you can do.

How do you like to spend days with your little one?

We spend a lot of time at home and in our neighborhood. We both love to be outside so we like to hang out in our backyard, a near by park and the square in Denton.

What do you find most important in your role as a mother?

The Lord has entrusted us to steward Maggie's life well and raise her up in HIm. My impact on Maggie's life will last for generations. Lord willing, she will grow up to be a God fearing woman who has a husband, children and grand-children someday.

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