Natalee Wareen // Motherhood

Meet Natalee. She is a full time stay at home mom and mother to 4 beautiful children. 

What does the role of "mother" mean to you?

The role of mother, that's a big question/answer. And unfortunately, something that I do not always do gracefully. My role as Mother means constantly serving my children. It means loving thane they don't deserve it, it means having patience and grace and humility. It also means training & discipling & teaching. Ultimately, I believe my job is to teach my kids the truths of the Bible & prepare them to be individuals who love God & people most.

What is the best advice you have ever received when it comes to motherhood?

Seasons, everything is a season. As a stay at home mom it is so easy for me to get fixed on the situation, issue or (child development) stage at hand buy my sister in law once told me that everything is a season. It brings perspective & also helps me recall the faithfulness of God in each season. He never leaves me stagnant & I'm never stuck. Life & motherhood is a life of seasons that we are progressing through.

How do you like to spend days with your little ones?

The mornings start (immediately) with breakfast or the world ends. ;) My 3 1/2 & 5 yr old then do their chores & get dressed. The little one just typically tried his best to pester them while they play. :) Then it's basically free playtime around the house while I get ready & do my own chores. Typically we load up to go to the library, gym or run errands. My 5 yr old goes to pre-school twice a week also. The days go fast - it's lunch, naps/rest, then playtime, dinner & family bible study (which usually happens 4-5 nights/week) before we get ready for bed. We basically try to use our mornings for getting out & about so I can enjoy spending some time with them because at home they mostly play with each other.

What do you find most important in your role as a mother?

I think the most important thing in my role as a mother is remembering to parent with the end in mind. Parenting for the future. It's so easy to get stuck in the here & now, dealing with all the little arguments or siblings battles of the day but if I keep the future in mind I'm a much better parent by preparing the for years down the road.

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