A tornado warning had the family huddled in the bathtub. This was probably the most scared I had been in a tornado situation since I was a kid. It's the first time I was in charge of other lives, and it put some things into perspective. For example, some photographer friends of mine shared on social media how they had their gear and hard drives in the bathtub with them. I remembered how I couldn't help but think it wouldn't be so bad all our junk got sucked away. The idea felt freeing for the split second it crossed my mind in between checking twitter for tornado updates and contemplating the idea of sharing the rest of my life in a bathtub with my most valuable possessions. 

Not that I haven't enjoyed all of my weddings, and I am not saying I've enjoyed all of them. I just don't think I can stay here for any longer without feeling like a waste. I've got mixed emotions about the emails piling up in my inbox and my bank account at an all time low. I'm waiting for a few opportunities to settle into something tangible all while hoping they don't dissolve. Really though, I've never missed a meal because I didn't want to and I've always had a roof over my head. Too blessed to be stressed.

Then the sky opened up and the voices of angels sang out "This is ice cream and it's sweet!"

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