This has been the longest day of my life, I think because it's actually been four days. Sleep depravity is a hell of a thing. I've got a bit of my bearing back now so I'll do my best in giving you the story from my point of view. If Steph feels up to it later on she may update here as well. It has been a long and sometimes scary past few days and I want to say thank you to all of the family, friends, and people who prayed for us and sent their well wishes. 


Stephanie went into labor around 1AM Wednesday and gave birth Friday February 28th at 2:34 AM to a 8 pound, 0.9 ounce baby boy. That's over 48 hours people, of labor. I'll be the first to say that Stephanie was an absolute boss when it came to labor. I am very proud of her. She didn't quite understand the depth of her strength when the whole thing began, but by the end we've all learned she is capable of extraordinary endurance. 


So Buster had been on the wrong side of Steph's belly, and turned the wrong way as well. This puts a strain on the labor to begin with. Although it wasn't ideal I had complete faith in my wife. I still do. Things just didn't work out according to plan. 

Stephanie had planned to give birth at a natural birthing center. Free of C Sections, drugs, and the like. Unfortunately that's not what went down. For the first day we were back and forth from home to the clinic until officially calling it labor late on Thursday night. We had already been trying different techniques to move labor along and we definitely hadn't slept. No more than a few glimpses between heavy contractions. I was beat and I wasn't even the one pushing out a baby. 


Because Buster was face up things were moving very slowly. But moms was a trooper. She did everything the nurses told her to do. She did everything right. I think if things were differently she may have well delivered two babes with all the work she did. At one point the nurse was manually moving the cervix out of the way while Steph was pushing during contractions. This is no joke. Some kind of evil satan wouldn't inflict. AND THEN, the head nurse shows up and starts doing the same thing, but instead of the cervix she was turning Buster into the right position. I won't curse here but I can if you ask me about it later. It was finally looking like Buster could come out. But this was at about 40 hours and Steph was to the point of extreme exhaustion and severe pain. But she kept going! Eventually though there was no progress being made and we had to wave the white flag and drive to the hospital. It was an emotional time for the both of us. Stephanie began apologizing like it was her fault and I felt terrible for egging her on to this point. 


Hospitals, no one's favorite place. But we are thankful. Of course the nurses and doctors here at the hospital were recommending a C section off the bat. This was worst case scenario for us but there was still a small chance of vaginal birth so Steph went for it. The doped her up real nice, stuck her full of cords and sharp things. I was just happy that Steph didn't have to feel anymore pain. Unfortunately the pitocin the gave her didn't sit well with Buster. His heart rate dropped while we were asleep, waiting for results. We woke up to nurses and doctors rushing in and before we knew it they swept her away and I was in scrubs. 


Those doctors must have C Sections down, because before I knew it I was looking at my baby boy. They held him close to Stephanie's face for a few seconds of kisses and tears. Then it was off to check his stats. Buster and I went one way, and mom was off to recovery. Poor dude had meconium in his lungs. He also had his cord wrapped around his neck which probably contributed to the problem with natural birth. Steph also had dangerously high live enzyme levels. Hers were about 1,000 when the normal level is 60. So after all of this we weren't in the clear. I will say C section and hospital care was exactly what we needed. 

Everybody passed out and got some much needed rest. A few hours later everyone was much better. Buster is a healthy pink and mom is already walking around. We've been able to hold him  have some good laughs and cries. Everything looks great and we are well on our way to full recovery. 


Thank you everyone who prayed and supported my family during this past few days. We feel the love. We are truly grateful. I've got a son. His name is Buster Maxwell Smith. I've got the strongest wife in the game. Too blessed to be stressed. 

ps. All of the nurses and midwifes, all of the doctors, everyone is great. I think we've gotten to experience both sides of the swinging pendulum in regards to childbirth options. I will say that we are still confident in a women's body and how God wired it for birth, and we are also thankful for modern healthcare when those options are eliminated. 

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